AFWERX Challenge Virtual Showcase

SIMBA Chain is proud to be a participant in the AFWERX Challenge and a part of their virtual showcase. The challenges seeks to help the United States Air Force achieve mission effectiveness and avoid grounding aircraft by developing a complete solution to reverse engineer obsolete legacy parts with the latest technologies in additive and agile manufacturing. The challenge was originally slated to be held in Las Vegas, but due to unforeseen circumstances has been transitioned to an online event.


SIMBA Chain, in partnership with ITAMCO, has proposed the Rapid Additive Manufacturing Lab. Rapid will bring unprecedented additive manufacturing capability to forward deployed military units and front-line relief organizations. These self-contained labs would allow on-site printing of necessary parts and allow development of prototype equipment in hours, not days.



SIMBA Chain/ITAMCO’s Rapid Additive Manufacturing Lab is a 20- or 40-foot mobile container equipped with a self-contained 3D manufacturing facility geared for the military and extreme environments. The lab includes all the components and resources necessary for additive manufacturing. Teams can print metal and fiber parts, perform final machining, and measure and inspect finished products.




Solar panels will provide power to the lab, and the built-in HVAC will ensure the necessary environment to create and build. SpaceX will provide the Internet and communications connection through their StarLink satellite system. To ensure security, SIMBA Chain will develop a Blockchain-based platform to secure prints, part design, encrypt communications, and provide a user interface to easily access and print critical parts.


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