Demystifying blockchain for defense supply chains

Jeffrey Curtis, SIMBA Chain's VP of Defense and Supply Chain, discussed the importance of defense supply chain auditability during FreightWaves’ Global Supply Chain Week.


Curtis sat down with Patrick Duffy, president of Blockchain in Transport Alliance for a fireside chat about demystifying blockchain for defense supply chains. Curtis reiterated that the single version of the truth is paramount. Knowing what you have, where it is, who has it is very critical in any supply chain.

Watch the Video Below



About Jeff Curtis

Jeff Curtis is a senior defense business reform leader with 34 years of experience in strategic problem-solving for large, complex organizations. A retired member of the Senior Executive Service and a recognized supply chain, metrics and analytics expert, he has held leadership positions in the Department of Defense and is now vice president of defense and supply chain for SIMBA Chain. Curtis is also president of his own consulting company, JCTEB LLC. Learn more about Curtis here.




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