Enterprise License Deal with Black Blockchain Consultants

FAIRFAX, Va., July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With an eye on expanding its national membership of blockchain entrepreneurs, leaders, and students within the Black community, Black Blockchain Consultants (BBC) has recently signed an enterprise licensing deal with SIMBA Chain, a blockchain disrupter based in South Bend, Indiana.


Black Blockchain Consultants and its sister organization, The Center for Blockchain Studies, were established in 2018 to educate, empower, and equip its members to participate in the early growth and adoption of blockchain technology and thus positively impacting the financial futures of African Americans and people of color.


Black Blockchain Consultants Co-founder Talisha Shine, a healthcare professional who also has a startup company, sees SIMBA Chain's low-code smart contract and enterprise application platform as a powerful enabler of the African-American tech community as well as her own startup.


"Blockchain technology is poised to recreate the underpinnings of the financial world and numerous other industries like healthcare, manufacturing and entertainment licensing to name a few. When Black Blockchain Consultants came together, we weren't coders per se, but we saw the potential of African Americans being on the ground floor of this technology. We were very deliberate about choosing a blockchain partner that was both comprehensive and agile to grow with our group, which has deep and varied industry experience and a passion for applying blockchain," Shine says.


Commenting on the agreement, SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig congratulated Black Blockchain Consultants on their vision and the positive impact they are having on blockchain technology and the Black community. "We have been in contact with and supported BBC for some time and are now honored that they have entrusted SIMBA Chain to help realize their objectives."


The educational component offered by SIMBA Chain was a deciding factor in their selection, says Black Blockchain Consultants Executive Director and Chief Training Officer Kecia Waddell, who has a doctorate in Instructional Technology. "We have over 100 BBC members across the nation, ranging from millennials to nearly 80 years old, who participate to learn and apply blockchain to educate others and build businesses. SIMBA Chain has been very involved with us in developing an online curriculum to accommodate beginners seeking to skill up and providing deep-dive support for our more advanced users."


SIMBA Chain's David Wasson, who leads the company's Education Practice, says, "SIMBA Chain's low-code Smart Contract Designer tool provides students with a high-touch learning experience to explore how blockchain technology can improve business processes. This empowers individuals with varying levels of technical experience to explore the benefits of blockchain."


Currently, SIMBA Chain's platform is available to Black Blockchain Consultants' "Inner Circle" members who are focused on developing prototype distributed applications (dApps) for their startup companies or to improve their current businesses. Inner Circle members also enjoy additional benefits such as discounts on courses and certifications and becoming part of the organization's talent pipeline, a resource for companies looking for individuals with deep blockchain experience.


Black Blockchain Consultants member and educator Daniel Addison, whose background is in data science and IT security, says SIMBA Chain's ecosystem is very empowering for users. "We have beginners and experienced programmers in our group, and everyone is very excited about using the SIMBA platform to create new use cases and businesses that are culturally relevant, that work for Black people and our communities, and impact our lives."


He adds, "With SIMBA Chain, Black Blockchain Consultants will be the voice of the industry; Black people will be on the frontend of this technology."

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