Former Microsoft Global Exec Joins SIMBA Chain

JoeMatz_300x300SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig recently did a one-on-one with Joe Matz, a 26-year Microsoft
veteran with extensive global responsibilities, who recently joined the company as an executive advisor.



Most recently, Joe was Microsoft’s corporate vice president for worldwide licensing and pricing, with responsibilities for developing global licensing models and financing solutions. He also served as assistant treasurer, a position that included overseeing the modernization of Microsoft’s licensing model. Here’s their conversation.



Joel: It’s great to have you on board, Joe. Timing is everything!


Joe: Happy to be here. Yeah, it’s kind of a lucky break for both of us! A friend and former colleague thought I’d be a good fit for SIMBA Chain and made the introduction. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after a few conversations I thought, “These guys are onto something. I want to be a part of that.”



Joel: As a global VP at Microsoft, you’re deep in the trenches of tech and constantly interfacing with companies using it. What impressed you about SIMBA Chain?


Joe: The conversation in tech is all about IoT, AI, machines learning and the Cloud. The global companies I’ve been talking to are deep into the digital transformation of their enterprises. There’s this underlying current, fear if you will, about trust. Can they trust the integrity and security of their new digital enterprises and the sanctity of their data, To me, blockchain is the missing link and the reason being is the cost and complexity of developing custom dapps.


What excites me about SIMBA Chain is that it eliminates the hurdles to adoption: time- and resource-intensive coding and development. With SIMBA, users don’t have to be coding experts to develop and deploy custom blockchain dapps.  What took weeks and more likely months can be done in less than an hour with SIMBA. It makes getting to proof of concept and then to market much faster.



Joel: Our delivery model is atypical, too. We’re Cloud based.


Joe: I was just going to mention that. The majority of my last few years at Microsoft were spent developing and implementing customers to the cloud and overhauling our financial model as a result. SIMBA Chain is the blockchain disrupter for the very reason that its offering its solutions on the Cloud as blockchain as a service (BaaS). This is a very attractive model to users who’ve essentially grown up with SaaS.



Joel: How do you see your role as Executive Advisor helping the SIMBA Chain cause?


Joe: First let me say you’ve laid a great foundation with corporate partners like CAT and DOW and of course Microsoft plus your partnerships with BlockGeeks and its 100,000 developer members, and the Government Blockchain Association. The value I bring leverages SIMBA’s foundation and my personal strengths in operations,  use agreements, pricing and global strategy. My focus will be standardizing delivery and accelerating adoption of SIMBA’s SaaS model.



Joel: Sounds like you’re going to be busy.


Joe: We’re going to be busy.



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