SIMBA Partners with Club Brugge for NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace, Club Moments, Will Cultivate Next-Gen Fan Experiences through DeFi and Web3 Technologies


SIMBA Chain, a chain-agnostic API development platform building pathways between Web2 and Web3 through its customized Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces, has announced the upcoming launch of a custom NFT marketplace in partnership with Belgian football club, Club Brugge. The marketplace, entitled Club Moments, will be a destination for Club Brugge fans and ecosystem participants to purchase, trade and collect digital highlights of key Club Brugge moments, creating a one-of-a-kind fan experience. 


Founded in 2017, with the support of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency grant, SIMBA Chain provides a groundbreaking API interface that bridges between Web2 and Web3 blockchain applications. SIMBA’s Enterprise platform, powering the Club Moments NFT Marketplace, is simple to use (designed with consumer-friendly NFT purchasing in mind) , flexible (currently supports 15 blockchains), interoperable, secure and sustainably green. 


As seen in the early adoption of NFTs by the sports community, the digital ownership of a photo, video or moment in sports history has transformed fan culture and paved the way for brand expansion in conjunction with the rise of Web3 and DeFi technologies. Through its partnership with SIMBA, Club Brugge will position itself as a pioneer in the sports fandom revolution and prove to the mainstream community that blockchain adoption can be simple and accessible to all.  


Rob van Es, chief revenue officer at SIMBA Chain, shares: “The most forward-thinking sports clubs and franchises, of which Brugge is a leader, are thinking about not only how NFTs shape digital art, but also how Web3 solutions can also improve the fan experience, as well as business operations. As the leading interface to Web3 NFT solutions, SIMBA's partnership with Brugge signals a major shift in the way the business of sports will be played. An entire digital world filled with fan-first oriented interactive moments will now be available for Club Brugge fans.


SIMBA’s Enterprise platform makes easy integration possible for organizations looking to leverage blockchain technology through a unified API layer and enterprise tooling platform for Web3 smart contracts. To introduce the metaverse effortlessly into the European football ecosystem, SIMBA will operate as the one-stop-shop for Club Brugge to build a fan-first, Web3-based world. From the marketplace’s backend blockchain technology to creative promotional efforts, SIMBA will have a hand in all aspects of revolutionizing Club Brugge’s digital identity.


“What will make Club Moments such a unique NFT marketplace is the personality, utility, and experience both Club Brugge and SIMBA will bring to each NFT available on the platform,” added Bob Madou, chief business officer at Club Brugge. “Fans are always seeking that extra connection to the players, whether it be through unique trading cards, limited edition merchandise, exclusive tickets, or commemorative memorabilia. Through our NFTs, and thanks to the technology behind SIMBA’s Enterprise platform, the Brugge community can interact with the Club in a way never possible before.”


Bryan Ritchie, CEO at SIMBA Chain, added: “SIMBA’s partnership with Club Brugge marks our company’s entrance into the sports area. The potential business opportunities that are plausible with this partnership in place truly exemplify how influential NFTs have become in our everyday lives, and how important it will be for additional mainstream industries to get onboard.


Club Moments is looking to launch in Q2 2022. For more information and updates on SIMBA Chain and Club Brugge’s partnership, please visit

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