REIMAGINE 2020 Halloween Special: Tales From the Crypt(o)

REIMAGINE-Joel-NeidigThis Halloween, put on your best costumes and tune in for "Tales from the Crypto", REIMAGINE 2020's behind the scenes look into the scariest stories in crypto. Listen in to hear the untold stories! Narrow escapes from the crush of regulators, misadventures with founders and competitors, and projects resurrected from the dead!


MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator, an ecosystem supporting students and startups, will be releasing exclusive interviews looking at the spooky world of our  centralized finance system and how blockchain could be the spell to protect against demons. Don't miss out on this special Halloween Virtual Conference with 72-hours of live content bringing together the talent, industry and infrastructure making a difference in the space.


SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig will be presenting during the event along with 30+ other top technologists, business executives, students, and educators alike, The focus will be on the untold stories that keep the interviewees up at night.



About MouseBelt

MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. The leaders they support are:

  1. Startups – MouseBelt accelerator supports early-stage companies with capital and in-kind investments;
  2. Builders – MouseBelt Engineering supports developers and projects with open-source tools and a development shop
  3. Community – its media and university projects encourage newcomers to get involved with




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