Securing the Vaccine Cold Chain Webinar

SIMBA Chain will end 2020 with the first in a new series of webinars we will be holding over the course of 2021 on Building Resilience in a World of Extreme Uncertainty. For this upcoming series, we will explore how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies can play a critical role in building cross sectoral trust and resilience.


In the first session, we will discuss how blockchain, emerging technology, along with specialized temperature monitoring IoT devices can help bridge the physical and digital worlds to reliably deliver critical vaccines with speed and scale. In addition, we will discuss consent and identity and access management in healthcare more generally, and how this is critical to building a more resilient public health infrastructure. Watch the webinar below!


Joining us will be special guests Josh Griggs from DIGI, a leader in the smart device and IoT space and also Michael McCoy, Associate Director of Emerging Technology at Humana.



Josh Griggs
Director of Sales - SmartSense by Digi




Michael McCoy
Director - Humana





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