SIMBA Chain Adds First VP of Market Development

AnjonRoy_600x600SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig recently did a one-on-one with Anjon Roy, a self-described tech “product guy” who recently joined the company as Vice President of Market Development.







Joel: Great to have you on board, Anjon. Your career path is impressive: cyber security, eLearning, SaaS – and you’re a Pragmatic Certified Product Manager.


Anjon: My specialty is bringing tech products to market and over the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with great people and great companies. Not to sound like a resume, but this includes Sapient, ByteCubed, the U.S. Government Accounting Office, and Gartner. Each one allowed me to dig deeper into product management, market sizing, segmentation, and data analysis; skillsets essential to building teams, aligning products to markets, growing revenues and margins. Now I’m excited to jump into blockchain with SIMBA.




Joel: What attracted you to SIMBA Chain?


Anjon: Actually, it wasn’t what, but who. I met Jarek Nabrzyski, a co-founder of SIMBA Chain and director of the Notre Dame Center for Research Computer, and Ian Taylor, CTO of SIMBA Chain and professor of computer science and engineering at Notre Dame two years ago. I had done work in blockchain in digital currency and security and that started our conversation. I was intrigued by what these guys were doing.


There’s a tremendous amount of hype and complexity surrounding blockchain and SIMBA Chain was blowing that up by bringing simplicity to enterprise blockchain. Long story short, I was attracted to SIMBA Chain’s people and the vision.




Joel: What is the power of the SIMBA Chain model, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)?


Anjon: It’s pretty simple: we’re “de-risking” the adoption process of what is considered an experimental technology. So how do we do that? Our BaaS model—which doesn’t require the user to be a blockchain developer—allows people to quickly, cheaply, and easily create distributed applications, dapps, specific to their enterprise without burning through a lot of resources or making a commitment to something they’re unsure of. Who wants to do that? So we give people the chance to try blockchain—they can even go to our website and download the source code—which demystifies blockchain and makes it real. With so many unknowns out there about blockchain, people don’t know what to ask. Our platform is powerful because you don’t have to worry about the backend.




Joel: As vice president of Market Development, where will you be focusing your energies?


Anjon: My focus is aligning the SIMBA Chain product to customers and markets. Initially, I’ll concentrate on the low hanging fruit, which for SIMBA Chain is manufacturing supply chains. We have a good foundation to build on given our current clients, expertise, and the original DARPA grant awarded to Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing and ITAMCO (Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies) to develop a secure, unhackable messaging and transaction platform. The pain point we’re solving for manufacturing is supply chain visibility. They have good high-level data that’s a mile wide but only an inch thick. This creates a knowledge problem SIMBA Chain can solve and bring tremendous value.




Joel: What are your priorities over the next 100 days?


Anjon: I’m rolling up my sleeves and jumping in! Priority one is getting close to our customers and partners and understanding how we can shape our offerings in ways that allow us to align as much as we can. Some of the pain points are obvious — transactional inefficiencies, lack of visibility and security concerns — but going deeper will really unleash the power of SIMBA Chain and our ability to customize.




Joel: What excites you most about joining SIMBA Chain?


Anjon: SIMBA Chain is clearly on the cusp of mainstreaming blockchain. To have the opportunity to join your impressive team with great backgrounds and inquisitive minds is an honor and really exciting.




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