SIMBA Chain Adds Senior Director of Enterprise Business Development

David Wasson Sr. Director, Enterprise Business DevelopmentSIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig recently did a one-on-one with David Wasson, an emerging tech—think decentralization—business development professional and outdoor enthusiast who recently joined the company as Senior Director of Enterprise Business Development.






JN: So excited to have you on the SIMBA Chain team, David! I forgot to ask—where are you based?


DW: That’s a good question!  I’m originally from Indiana, went to college in Illinois, and then moved to San Francisco as my professional life is centered on emerging technology. Recently; however, I’ve been splitting my time between the Bay Area and Portland, another great tech scene. But you can count on me to spend time in South Bend with the SIMBA team.




JN: Tell me about your professional path before SIMBA Chain.


DW: I’ve pretty much spent my entire career in tech, supply chain, and consulting in the software industry with startups and enterprise companies. I love the space.




JN: You mentioned supply chain experience.


DW: I did business development for Xyntek, a Bay Area company with supply chain management software and vision hardware solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The U.S. has a huge problem with counterfeit prescription drugs—more than 10% is counterfeit. Xyntek’s solution used serialization technology for traceability, chain of custody and overall provenance of prescription drugs. While there, I was introduced to the concept of leveraging blockchain to improve supply chain integrity in the life science sector. Life sciences and health care overall are great applications of SIMBA Chain’s technology.




JN: How did you hear about SIMBA Chain?


DW: At NULS, I had many clients who needed help building their decentralized applications (dapps) because they did not have coding knowledge or resources. I realized that making dapps easier to build and deploy for businesses had significant market potential. So, I dug a little deeper and was impressed by what SIMBA Chain is doing “demystifying” blockchain with smart contracts and dapps. Having roots in the Midwest, I was also impressed with SIMBA Chain’s academic connections at the University of Notre Dame.




JN: What attracted you to SIMBA Chain?


DW: SIMBA Chain has a unique opportunity to drive real enterprise blockchain adoption. I say this because our low-code Smart Contract as a Service (SaaAS) development platform enables individuals and organizations to rapidly create dapps in the cloud that are production-ready and immediately scalable. Basically, SIMBA removes the barriers to adoption inherent with cutting-edge technologies by encouraging experimentation and new applications within an enterprise. I truly believe we will accelerate digital business transformations while providing the data provenance, transparency and security users want.




JN: What do you see as SIMBA Chain’s advantage?


DW: SIMBA Chain’s intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface that enables users with no coding experience to build smart contracts is a huge differentiator. Being first to market with Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) and the ability to run on a number of different proven blockchain platforms are major advantages. This will be a big market with a lot of competitors. We need to move quickly and strategically to cement SIMBA Chain’s leadership position.




JN: What do you plan to tackle first?


DW: SIMBA Chain has had outstanding success with the federal government business so I'm going to leave that to you! My focus is the West Coast, where I plan to take our solutions to early stage blockchain companies that can build SIMBA Chain into their enterprises from the beginning. This Blockchain Startup as a Service (BSaaS) offers hyper business and technical support along with software licensing for early stage companies. Inn addition, I plan to leverage SIMBA Chain’s deep domain expertise in manufacturing and bring solutions to that sector as well.




JN: What do you do in your downtime?


DW: When I’m not researching new technology use cases, you’ll find me outdoors. Portland is a city in a forest and just an hour from the beach and mountains. I really enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, and skiing.




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