SIMBA Payment App Launches Using Stellar Network

SOUTH BEND, IN Aug 11 2020 — SIMBA Chain has released a payment app designed for use on the Stellar Network, featuring pioneering ease of use for developers to quickly and securely create wallets for blockchain operations. SIMBA Chain enables seamless utilization and integration of blockchain technology to bolster trust, security, and risk mitigation for enterprise and government — and now these core features are available to developers looking to make a payment system that incorporates low fees, cross-border functionality, and industry-leading security.

SIMBA Pay is open source and designed for developers who wish to integrate blockchain-based payment systems. SIMBA Pay offers built-in support for a wide array of third-party technologies and services, including CoinBase and cold wallets. The ease-of-use for developers will accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and make integrations with traditional financial systems easier down the road.

“We believe our technology stack provides a unique advantage for developers,” said Joel Neidig, CEO of SIMBA Chain. “SIMBA’s world-class developer tools have already made cloud-based dapps easier to create than ever and provide transparency and verification for complex digital workflows. It’s never been easier to jump into this exciting space, no matter where you are in your developer journey.”

“We are excited to see SIMBA Chain, a Stellar Service Provider, launch their open source payment application to foster greater adoption of Stellar and end-user accessibility through lower fees as compared with traditional payment solutions,” said Boris Reznikov, Director of Business Development at the Stellar Development Foundation.

SIMBA is already trusted by the U.S. military, and its operation on top of Stellar indicates further growth into a booming blockchain industry. SIMBA Pay offers a low-cost solution for developers with the added benefit of Stellar’s technology stack to assist in making world-class dapps for the next generation of blockchain applications. 



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