Simple Stellar with SIMBA Chain


Stellar makes sending money anywhere in the world simple, fast and cheap. Now, the new SIMBA API makes it easy for developers to build custom Stellar applications.


Stellar is to finance what the World Wide Web is to information. It provides the infrastructure and protocols that democratize financial transactions. Participants can exchange value directly with one another without intermediaries imposing delays and fees. Just like the Web has empowered decentralized information sharing, Stellar will enable decentralized economic activity.


This opens up huge possibilities for new applications: Applications that perform transfers and currency exchange at high speed and negligible cost directly between individuals. Applications that create their own tokens to create and exchange value within the app and that can be exchanged or redeemed in seconds to any currency. Applications that create and distribute value democratically and globally at lightning speeds and virtually no cost.


What app will you build with Stellar?


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