Tech Company Partners to Release Disruptive Blockchain Network

HealthSpace Data Systems has partnered with SIMBA Chain to create a blockchain network that virtually any government agency or business can use for secure quality and safety audits.


HealthSpace has a long history of providing surveillance, auditing, and regulatory compliance for health and consumer protection that requires secure access from multiple sources. The company is now extending its services beyond the government arena. HealthSpace is expected to deliver its government grade technologies to private businesses such as restaurant chains, hotels, and cannabis operations. This enables businesses to gain visibility and predictability into their own organizations.


According to the company's press release, "HealthSpace intends to release its alpha prototype, testing blockchain based quality and safety audits with industry partners in Q1 2018. This will include cannabis production, the food service and hospitality sectors and various government agencies."


The tech company attracted and partnered with two marquee blockchains, SIMBA Chain Inc. and Vanbex Capital. The three companies are working together to bring the verification, inspection and audit platform into fruition. Vanbex Capital, an integrated venture studio, is known for investing in high-growth blockchain companies. Recently, Vanbex made a strategic investment of $1 million into HealthSpace.



"I'm very excited to be working with this team on an innovative disruptive strategy that will pave the way for a new decentralized ecosystem of next generation inspection/auditing applications. The network we are developing will give third party applications seamless access to the underlying blockchain thus enabling companies to remove any inspection controller or broker out of the picture entirely."

-Ian Taylor, SIMBA Chain CTO



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