World Festival Innovation Awards: Vote for SIMBA

Help SIMBA Chain win a WorldFestival Innovation Award by voting before August 6, 2021!




See the winners unveiled at WorldFestival 2021. (Aug 17-19, virtual)

The WorldFestival Innovation Awards program is the largest worldwide awards competition for identifying and recognizing global innovation, where 1,000+ startups, organizations, and companies compete online for your votes and recognition from our judging panel of experts, all leading up to WorldFestival 2021 (August 17-19, 2021).


Why does SIMBA deserve your vote?

We have created a truly unique interface that allows everyday people to interact with blockchain technology to create smart contract and more with no coding experience while also developing a platform that is robust enough for enterprise and governmental solutions. It's intuitive and easy to lean while doing some impressive heavy lifting on the back end.

We take a unique approach to our NFT minting that infuses the NFT with the metadata of the digital asset so that the NFT content is verifiable and secure in the future since it doesn't fully rely on a URI that could go away someday.


Those are just a couple of the reasons we believe we deserve your support!


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